About Defer Dementia

There is no shortage of medical specialist websites on the internet, addressing the topic of Dementia, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, or the many other medical conditions which fall under the dementia umbrella . These websites are mostly created by specialist doctors, hospitals, care facilities, or by bloggers who have become carers to a parent or grandparent.

So why have I created Defer Dementia, a website which addresses non-medical care methods for dementia sufferers?

Hi, my name is Yin Kwok, and I am an architect and specialist designer of medical facilities for the elderly and handicapped.

I am assuming you are here because you find yourself caring for someone who suffers from cognitive decline and is, (or possibly will be), diagnosed with dementia in one of its many forms. I am assuming that your loved one has a doctor, is receiving medication, and is under medical treatment.

Doctors are essential. Medication and medical treatment are essential.

I am not here to undermine or dispute any medically recommended treatments required by your medical professionals. Rather, as a supplement, I would like to help you discover what else can be done, beyond medicine, to ease the burden of dementia.

In addition, I would like you to join me on a journey to discover the latest trends in dementia care, trends which may claim to defer, slow down, or even reverse the onset of various symptoms or stages of dementia. These claims may or may not be medically proven, but you will find that many are simple to implement, and can make improvements to the lives of the sufferers and the carers.

As a designer, I know how the environment can make a difference to people’s lives. And to best serve my clients, I have sought to understand the roles that exercise, stimulation and nutrition play in maintaining cognitive health.

If you are working on, or have come across, any new treatments or therapies for the care of dementia patients, please drop me a line through the contact page. I would love to hear from you.