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Parkinson’s Disease – The 5 Stages of Decline

Parkinson’s disease mostly affects people over 60, and as with other forms of dementia, there is no cure. There are also no confirmed risk factors, however genetics and exposure to toxins are thought to play a role. Parkinson’s disease  is defined by a build-up of Lewy body proteins in the brain. These protein deposits cause damage to the nerve cells of the brain, lowering dopamine production and disrupting communication between brain cells. In particular, the parts of the brain controlling movement
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Vascular Dementia- Causes and Symptoms.

Vascular dementia is not caused by a specific disease, rather it is the result of blood supply restriction to the brain. Progressive deterioration in a step-like manner is common, and surprisingly there may be noticeable improvement between each step. Read on to find out why this occurs.  Vascular is one of the few types of dementia which is preventable. Know the health risk factors and take steps to reduce them. Early diagnosis and detection are critical in reducing further decline.Vascular dementia
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Understanding Alzheimer’s Stages and Symptoms.

The following covers three generally accepted Alzheimer's stages- mild, moderate and severe. However it is not uncommon to hear of five or seven stages which give a more detailed breakdown of symptoms. As with all types of dementia, the symptoms associated with each stage will vary from person to person. Links are also provided for more detailed medical and scientific descriptions, which are not covered here.Understanding Alzheimer's DiseaseAlzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia affecting 60-80% of people with
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